Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Half way

Kids have made it halfway through the first week of school. Everyone seems to like their classes and their teachers. That always helps!
I was going through our expenses this morning and realized I had put more on one of our cc this summer than I thought. It is not a large balance but I now have a $1100 balance when  a few months ago I had it down to $200. I was paying enough attention to what was going on there. We have a very busy schedule during the summer with baseball. We spent two weekends at a hotel so that all added up. I have the money in savings and I should just transfer and pay this off but I like to have the EF money.

I am going to take a look at the budget and see what I can add to the monthly payment to get this paid down quickly.  I have been doing good on the food budget this month and have spend very little. The extra from that went towards the school supplies. If I have any left at the end of the month I will also add this to the CC.


  1. I wish I had only put 1200.00 on CC. I don't even want to look at mine!

    1. I know it is a small balance I was just frustrated that I had it almost paid off. We have two credit cards with a balance plus a van and motorcycle loan. The other credit card balance is for our stove we had to replace earlier in the year. I am trying to get everything paid off. Credit cards are first then the van then the motorcycle.

  2. I hated when my card would do that... before I finished my budget, I would always see the number go down low and then shoot back to the top. It was frustrating, as the card was given to me maxed out. But I'm very, very happy it is already at 50%, and should be gone by January!