Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Debt Update

This post is a few days late.  On Friday 8/31 I received part of my yearly bonus. We get it paid out twice a year.  It was enough to pay off the kid's school registration and  one of my credit cards completely and have a little left over. That was the plan until Friday.  I changed my mind and decided to pay off several small bills instead. 
Before Friday Debt:
Store Credit Card #1 $196.95
Store Credit Card #2 $122.91
Appliance Store Card $210.00
School Registration  All 3 Kids $483.00 - 8th,5th & 1st. 8th Grade was $290 by itself.
Taxes: $215.96

Dinner Out for Daughter's Birthday. $80.00
This ate up all of my bonus but I figured two credit cards are paid off and appliance store card is down quite a bit. The Appliance Store card still has a balance of $166 and that will be paid off by the end of the month.  I will now start applying all these payments to the Credit Card. After the Credit Card is paid off I have two hospital bills to pay off from my son's surgery earlier in the year. 
School Registration definitely takes a chunk and I wish it wasn't so expensive. Our middle school/High school registration fees are ridiculous.

Debt Still to Pay:
Credit Card: Orchard Bank: $1085.00

Dr Bill $1300.00
Therapy Bill $1400.00
Capitol One Card:$ 1100.00 

We still have a long way to go but I am making a dent in it.


  1. You are doing great and it is nice to be able to have less to pay every month and you feel like you are making progress and you are!

  2. Isn't that awesome? That's great you get a bonus twice a year; it should make it easier to distribute instead of a 1-time allocation. At least I think so. So congrats! I agree, those student fees are rather steep, uhh.

    1. It does help but of course we never know what we are going to get until that week. The one in March will go towards next year's vacation. I am starting to get better at budgeting my money so hopefully next year I will be able to budget the school expenses better.

  3. You're doing great! I can't believe how expensive school registration is, I don't know how some people can afford it!

    1. Thank You! I am just starting out on getting rid of our debt so I have a long way to go but every bit helps. Yes our school registration is terrible. Just basic fees for our Middle School/High School is $195. That is if your kid is in no extra curricular activities. Band, Chorus, Theater, sports are all under the extra category. That adds $85. We don't have to pay per activity just the flat fee of $85. My daughter is in 8th grade so we had to pay an $10 for graduation. Next year I will have on in Middle School and one in High School.