Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have not been doing very good about posting here but i will try to do better. The last couple of weeks I didn't have a menu plan and our dinner and grocery shopping reflected that.  We were eating way too much junk and spending way too much.  I got back on track this week. :)  Starting with Sunday here are this week's dinners. I planned some meals so leftovers would happen.  The best part is this whole week is using up items in my pantry.
Sunday-  Lasagna
Monday- Country Style ribs in the Crockpot.
Tuesday - Sandwiches( we have a baseball game so dinner is quick)
Wednesday - Meatball Sub Sandwiches.
Thursday- Goulash
Friday - Leftovers - start of baseball tournament
Saturday - Hamburgers on the Grill?? We will be spending all day at the ball park so whatever it is has to be quick and simple.

The only items i have to buy for these dinners are the Hoagie/Sub bread for the Meatball sub sandwiches and Hamburger buns. Everything else is in the pantry or freezer.  Other than the usual Milk/Eggs/Bread that is all I am spending this week at the grocery store.