Monday, August 13, 2012

Meal Plan

Monday- Pork Chops
Tuesday - sloppy Joes
Wednesday - State Fair Day/ frozen pizza
Thursday - Chicken Wraps
Friday - spaghetti
Saturday - Tacos

I did pretty good last week with sticking to the menu. I ended up moving some around because of scheduling changes. My oldest son and I did end up eating out on Friday night. It was just the two of us so wasn't bad.  I am still working through my freezer to use things up. This week I only had to spend $7.64 to complete my meal plan. I think that is pretty good.
We are taking the kids to the State Fair on Wednesday and I know this will be expensive but I don't feel so bad after seeing my food expenses for the week.
I am really trying to make sure that no food goes to waste. Last week we had chicken two different nights. We had leftovers for one meal and I took leftovers in my lunch. Tonight I took what was left and picked the chicken off the bone and stuck it in the freezer. I also put the bones in the freezer. I will use the bones for making chicken stock.

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  1. hi- saw your post on Don't Read This it's Boring. New blogger here too. I just started July 25th. So far I am finding it both challenging and enjoyable.

    Good luck with yours!

    I wish I were so organized to plan menu's by the week.