Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mid Week Recap

The Flu bug that has been going around decided to hit our house Sunday night. My 10 yr old son was just not feeling well and just wanted to lay around on the couch.  He had a low grade fever and was just achy all over.  On Monday morning I woke up with a terrible headache so I stayed home with him.  He only got sick one time but just laid around all day Monday.  He woke up Tuesday and went back to School.  So far he is the only one to really catch it and I hope that is all.  Even though I was home with him I got nothing done all day since I had a headache.

Menu Plan
Monday: Left Overs
Tuesday: Tacos for kids. Taco Salad for me.
Wednesday: Goulash
Thursday: Beef tips and Noodles
Friday: Eat Out - Daughter has a band competition and son has a basketball tournament.
Saturday: ??
Sunday: Ham and Potatoes


  1. I hope everyone is well. The flu went through here like wildfire. But knock wood its gone now

  2. Hope everyone is feeling much better!