Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fitness Challenge Catch Up

I started the Fitness Challenge from Hawaii Plan last week on 2/4. Here are my results through Sunday.

Here are my goals for the February Challenge.

1. Record every day in MyFitnessPal even if I go over my calorie goal. - I did this every day so far
2. Exercise 4 days a week - Last Week I got in 4 days as the gym.
3. Increase Daily servings of Veggie - Didn't do great on this one in week 1.
4. Increase Daily servings of Water.- I do better at this at work than at home. Still working on it.

This week has been a little crazy since the dreaded Flu has hit the house. I have not worked out at the gym at all this week so far.  I will have to change things up to get 4 in this week.

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