Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Saving Challenge

This was the last week of doing the September savings Challenge.  My husband gets paid weekly on Fridays so I am not counting the last two days of the month.
Week 4 ending balance was $33.73 out of $200.00

Gas $100.02
Groceries $ 37.76
Dining out $11.39
Gift $ 12.10 - fleece material for son's blanket
School Dance $5.00 - entry fee for daughter.

I ended up being able to put $400 in our Christmas fund.  I learned a lot this month. I had gotten in a bad habit of using my debit card for purchases instead of paying cash. This helped me break that habit. Tracking everything also let me see where my money is going.

Monthly total
Groceries : $ 305.25
Dining out $ 47.71
Gift : $12.10
Entertainment $10.00

I don't think we did too bad for the month.  I need to make my menu plan or next week.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Good job tracking the money in Sept!
    And even better on putting away $400 for Xmas. 8-)

    1. Thank You! I am just getting the hang of this and tracking definitely helps. I will be so glad come Christmas when I have this money to spend and not put on my CC.

  2. Goo d job, but I think it is sad that we spend more on gas for our cars than to feed ourselves.

    1. With my commute our gas eats up our income. In September I really concentrated on using up meat in my freezer and stretching meals out.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Melissa!! I got the ideas from following your blog. I liked what you were doing and that is what inspired me to do it also. :) It has made a WORLD of difference. I am so glad we got back in touch even if it is just on Facebook and in the blog world. :)

  4. Nice job on the September Savings Challenge. Great feeling to know you can do it, is it not?

    1. Thank you, Yes it is a great feeling. It is making me more aware of what I am doing.