Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid Week Update-Savings Challenge

I am halfway through the Savings Challenge week 1. Yesterday was my biggest spend day but I knew it was going to be. I had to put gas into the van, $58.00 and then buy the rest of the groceries for the week. So far I have spent $99.65 out of the $200 I had planned.  Of course last night the kids inform me that we don't have enough cereal for the rest of the week.  Why is it that whenever you get home from the store there is always something that was missed?  Usually it is from the kids finishing something off and not telling me. :) The only items I believe I will have to get before end of week is cereal, Milk and OJ.  I also may  have to top the van off with gas. I drive 30 miles to work so 60 miles round trip every day adds up on the gas.

I have also so far been able to stick to the menu plan for the week. I did a menu plan every week in August so by now everyone in the house is used to it.

Spending total:
Food: $41.65
Gas: $58.00


  1. Good start. I used to keep oatmeal and when I said I was going to the store if they did not say we need, they ate oatmeal.

  2. It is funny you say that because I also keep Oatmeal around. I usually keep several of the Individual instant packages. I told them there was Oatmeal or Frozen toaster waffles. They choose the waffles.

  3. Can you come up with other creative breakfast options? A healthy-ish muffin, pancakes, waffles, granola maybe?

    Good luck sticking to your challenge!