Friday, November 2, 2012

November Goals

Several blogs I follow put out monthly goals. I have not done this before but as I am trying to get more organized at Home and with my money I figured I would give it a try. :)
November will be a very busy month for us and I am hoping that if I am better organized it will go smooth. I can dream right ?
Here are some of our activities for the Month, my goals are based on how busy we will be. 
Daughter's Cheerleading Games start.
Son #1 Basketball games start
Traveling for Thanksgiving - going to see inlaws in Arkansas.
Kids Christmas Musical practice at Church.

November Goals:
  1. Plan our little Family Thanksgiving Dinner (Traveling to Mother In Laws for the Big T-Day but we will be having our own little dinner just our family. I love to cook and due to drama in Hubby's family I never get to host the family(6 siblings) dinner. This year we are skipping it all together and going to his Mom's in Arkansas.)  I could do a whole post on hubby's family. :)
  2. Fix Freezer Meals for Busy weeks. - I have not done this before but will be trying some this weekend. 
  3. Stick to Weekly Budget - Our Monthly Budget is pretty set but our weekly budget changes. I have a new budget of $250 for us for every week. 
  4. Stay caught up on Laundry 
  5. Start Christmas Shopping - I know most people are finishing up but I have not started.
  6. Make a Family Communications Center at Home - I need to create something to post Schedules, Menus, Reminders. I have an Idea of what I want but I am not very crafty. I may make Melissa come help me.  She is a lot better at this than me. lol 
  7. Stick to my Weekly Menu Plan - I have been doing this for 3 full months now and I can't  imagine not doing it anymore. It helps out so much.
  8. Plan a Date Night with the Hubby  - It has been a while since we have had a night out.


  1. Funny you should post about a communication center. I am getting ready to post about mine :) I would be more then happy to help you brainstorm one!

    Oh and you know I would love to read a post about the hubby's family :P Or we could exchange messages lol :) You know I only get to hear what the kids tell me and sometimes I wonder what is really happening.

    1. I can't wait to see your post on the communication center.

      I don't think the blog world is ready for hubby's family. ;) Where do you even start? lol I will send you a message, I voiced my opinion and ended up causing a whole lot of family drama.

    2. OH now you really have my interest so please do send me a message. It doesn't take much to start drama in that family :)

  2. How about something as simple as one of those oversized desk calendars hung up on a wall close to the fridge? Put all the birthdays, planned meals, etc there. Or get a dry-erase calendar board and go for it, so that everyone has a chance to fill in stuff.

  3. These are great goals! And, I also can't wait to see the blog post about a communication center. That's one area where we could use help at our house. I have TONS of organization/planning documents, but no visual place to quickly see what's happening.

    Good luck with your November goals!