Friday, March 29, 2013

Week in Review

I haven't updated this week so thought I would recap the week for everyone.

This past week was Spring Break for my kids. It is always the last week of March for as long as I can remember.  It was a crazy week for weather.  Last Sunday it snowed and by Monday morning we had 7 inches on snow on the ground! Crazy! Today the high is supposed to be 55.  I am ready for warmer weather.

I only took one day off from work during the kids' Spring Break and of course the day I picked was Monday. My 10 year old had a Dr appointment with his neurologist so I had to get out in the snow. We made it to the appointment and are now officially released from pediatric neurology.  He had two seizures when he was two and went on medication. We were told the type of seizures he had he would probably grow out of with time.  Last summer they did another EEG on him and came back clear. So we started the long process of weaning him off of medicine. He was on two different ones and we had to wean off of each of them separately.   In January he was officially off both medicines. Since he has been seizure free off the medicine the Dr are releasing him. Woo hoo!!

While I was out I was able to check out the Costco that opened in our area last November. I decided I liked it and some of the prices were pretty good and may have to be a monthly trip.  It is a 30 minute drive for us but for once a month it won't be bad. There are plenty of other shops in the same area so will be able to make the trip worth it.  There is a Bass Pro Shop close and my husband is always willing to go there. :)

Cleaning. This has been the week of cleaning at home. Thanks to my wonderful 14 year old daughter who has watched her brothers this week and cleaned the house.  I gave them one area of the house to clean each day and it worked wonderfully! She even caught up all the laundry. The chore for us is to keep it up. I am not the best housekeeper in the world but I do try. I am trying to be better because I want to set a better example for the kids. I had created a cleaning schedule back at the beginning of the year so I had one room/area  to clean a day. I am posting this on the Refrigerator and sticking to it this time. I am the type of person that gets overwhelmed when I look at all the cleaning to do in one day so I break it up to make it easier for me. Baseball season starts for us in two weeks and my Saturdays are busy so I don't have all day to spend cleaning.

Weekly Menu Plan.  I didn't post my weekly menu plan for the week but I did create one. As part of the cleaning we did I cleaned out the fridge. I threw out WAY too much food waste so I am working on making sure I use up leftovers or if possible freeze them for later. Here is the menu I created this week with leftovers in mind for lunches for the kids.

Sunday:  Chicken and Dumplings
Monday: Salisbury Steak
Tuesday: BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Wednesday: Tacos/ Taco Salad
Thursday: BBQ Chicken Pizza - I will make a separate post on this.
Friday: Leftover night!  We have plenty of leftovers for everyone to choose from.
Saturday: ?? - We will be on the go so leftovers again or Sandwiches.
Sunday: Easter Dinner at  Mom's.

Hope everyone had a good week ! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Easter.

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