Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Planning a Menu

I am not doing very well at blogging but I love to read other people's blog and learn from them.  One of the most important things I have learned is to plan a menu for the week. I didn't realize how much money we were spending at the grocery store.  I would buy whatever i would see that looked good. I am slowly learning to make a plan and stick to it.  I am also using up what is in my freezer. I have a habit of stocking up on meat when it is on sale so I always have meat in the freezer. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes I end up spending more than I should.  Right now I am not buying anymore meat until we use what we have in the freezer.
Another thing I am working on is using up the leftovers. I now pick a busy night during the week and make that leftover night. This week it is Wednesday night when we have church.
With my menu plan I try to make at least one item during the week that can be used for two meals.  Last week I made a ham for Easter. I put the ham bone in the freezer to use for ham and beans. I also froze some of the leftover ham to use later for a casserole.  After eating on ham for several days we were getting tired of it and I was not throwing away good food.

Menu Plan this week
Monday: Pork Steak/ Green Beans/ Salad
Tuesday: Tacos
Wednesday: LeftOver night.
Thursday: Spaghetti/ Meatballs/ Salad
Friday:  Night out
Saturday: Open- busy day so something simple. Probably using the crockpot.
Sunday: Son's birthday so it is his choice. :)

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  1. Making a menu plan is such a life-changer! I honestly can't remember how I shopped and cooked before I started planning!

    Thanks for the comment about the rotisserie chicken! I'm planning on making another one and shredding the whole thing to use in recipes for the week... it would be such a time-saver!

    I'm following your blog!